Click to enlargeBoth 1896 Obverses

The following shows both obverse dies for the 1896 one cent patterns. The first was used on copper examples listed as J1768/P1985A only. I believe it to be the first of the two dies produced. The second was used on all the other nickel, copper and aluminum alloys listed as J1767-J1769/P1982-P1985. See Pollock for more details on these alloys.

On the first die the eagle's head points to the open space to the right of the 'S' in 'Pluribus' and the bottom of the the other staff with the cap on it points between dots. On the second, the head is under the 'S' in 'Pluribus' and the bottom of the other staff points to a dot.

Both obverse dies were used with different reverse dies. To view both reverses side by side, click here. As of now, no cross die pair combinations are known.

Photos used are courtesy of Teletrade.