Click to enlargeJ141/P169

Some of these, especially the off-metal examples, are believed to be restrikes made circa 1859 or later.

They exist in the following combinations:

Gold J141/P169 with about a dozen known.

Silver J142/P170 probably struck using a dime planchet as host. This is an intriguing piece as the only one known first appeared in as lot 773 in the June 1855 Kline sale. Pollock lists only the Woodside coin, which was part of lot 55 which is likely a later appearance of the Kline coin.

Copper J143/P171 with fewer than a half dozen known. Pollock lists only 2 or 3. An example was part of Woodside lot 55. These appear to have been struck last as these show the reverse die breaks at the right side of the first L in Dollar and through the wreath at 9:00.

Nickel J144/P172 with a mention of the Root, Appleton, Massachusetts Historical Society by Pollock and Judd although the coin does not appear to be in the 12/1878 Cogan sale. This or another was part of Woodside lot 55.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.