This year marked the first pattern designs for the 2 cent piece J52/P55

and the gold dollar J67/P70.

These were to be part of the Coinage act of January 18, 1837 but were ultimately rejected.

The 2 cent pieces were originally struck in billon and copper. They would be restruck in various metals along with the gold dollar in the late 1850s to mid 1860s. An example of the gold dollar is known struck over a regular 1859 gold dollar.

This year is best known for the Liberty seated dollar designed by Christian Gobrecht J60/P65.

These were actually released into circulation and probably should not be considered patterns.

Splashers of 5 preliminary designs for the dollar are still in existence - JA1836-2/P3021, JA1836-3/P3022, JA1836-4/P3025, JA1836-5/P3028 and JA1836-6/P3029.

Christian Gobrecht also created an obverse die with his name in the field above the date J58/P61.

No originals are known from this obverse die. The 2 obverse dies were combined with the above reverse and the starless reverse of 1838 to produce restrikes and other rarities for collectors from the late 1850s to the mid-1870s.

Photos used are courtesy of the Durham Museum, Bowers and Merena, Teletrade and Heritage.

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