This year is marked by only two pattern designs, a half dollar and dollar of which the latter was actually released into circulation and can be considered to be regular issue. All the other items of this year are restrikes deliberately made for sale to collectors. Most of these were made in the 1870s.

The half dollar J93/P105 by Christian Gobrecht is similar to the design on the 1838 10 dollar gold piece but faces the other way.

30 years later, it was combined with a flying eagle pattern reverse and 2 other liberty seated reverses to produce rarities for collectors.

Additional half dollar fantasy restrikes include ones using the regular capped bust design. It was used with 2 1838 reverses such as on J100/P110 which is illustrated below.

Fantasy restrikes were also made using the seated liberty obverse of this year including J101/P112 of which both known specimens were in the collection of mint director Henry Linderman.

The silver dollar design is a repeat of the 1838 design J104/P116.

300 were produced and released into circulation. These were also restruck in the late 1850s through mid 1870s. This obverse was combined with the starred reverse of 1836 to make J108/P121 an additional rarity for collectors.

Photos used courtesy of Heritage and Superior.

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