This year is marked by very few patterns. Complaints about the symmetry of Gobrecht's seated liberty design with its long neck and wide shoulders and small head resulted in the die trial or mechanical reduction by Robert Ball Hughes J110/P123 show below.

There is a die trial known which may be Gobrecht's response to this JA1840-3/P3072

Since the piece is undated, we cannot be sure it was actually produced this year.

Another famous hub trial showing Gobrecht's name above the date as on one of his 1836 dollar dies is also known to exist JA1840-4/P3073

Additional undated seated liberty trial pieces of the obverse JA1840-5/P3076 and reverse JA1840-6/P3082 are also known but may not actually have been made in 1840.

The first photo is courtesy of Heritage, the others are courtesy of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

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