This years patterns are highlighted by holed gold patterns.

A simple half dollar pattern struck in gold was made using a half dime reverse die J135/P162

This design was also made into one of 4 gold dollar designs known for this year J136/P163 by using a dime reverse die.

The most polished of the 4 designs, 2 of which are actually believed to be later restrikes, is J145/P173

This design was also restruck throughout the late 1850s to 1870s.

One of the restrike designs employed a leaf reverse used nowhere else J137/P164

The final pattern of this year is the copper restrike of the 1852 proof dollar. J134/P161

Although silver coins were known as early as 1859, these copper pieces were unknown prior to 1876 and were probably part of the last restrike batches.

Photos used courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution, Superior, Heritage and www.coinfacts.com and American Nummismatic Rarities.

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