This year begins with an experimental alloy, oroide being tested on the half cent J155/P184.

The year is highlighted, however, by the 3 primary designs created for a smaller one cent piece.

One of these has Gobrecht's seated liberty design J159/P186 and was struck in various compositions.

The second has a Liberty head design similar to the regular issue J160/P187

The final is the first flying eagle design which was combined with 3 different reverses differing in leaf arrangement.


and an experimental German silver alloy was employed on a half dime J166/P192.

There are also 2 splashers attributed to this year. The first is an die trial, in copper, with the date recut over 1853 JA1854-1/P3122

and the other is the wreath appearing on the $3 gold piece of this year JA1854-2/P3125 of which 4 examples are known and are shown below.

Photos used courtesy of PCGS, Superior, Bowers and Merena, RARCOA and David Akers and the Library Company of Philadelphia.

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