This was a relatively quiet year on the pattern front. The most important design of this year was the quarter eagle J189/P226

White metal splashers of both the obverse P3140 and reverse P3141 are also known.

The obverse was also combined with the one cent of 1853 to produce J186/P222

Probably the most important event of this year was the hiring of Anthony C. Paquet. The quarter below J188/P225 is believed to be a precursor to a new reverse design which appears the following year.

A half dollar splasher JA1857-2/P3134

and the following double eagle splasher JA1857-9/P3155 are also believed to be his work.

The first anti-counterfeiting measure was tested using a double eagle reverse J190/P3158.

This coin was made very concave in an effort to prevent the gold from being drilled out and replaced with a less valuable metal such as lead.

Photos used are courtesy of Superior, Teletrade, Mike Byers, Northeast Numimatics and a scan from Bowers and Ruddy Garrett II sale.

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