This year is known for the many pattern cents produced. Included among the many cent designs is the 12 piece sets made from 3 obverse dies and 4 reverse dies. These were sold to collectors and also used in trades for Washingtoniana. We show each obverse design with a different reverse excluding the regular reverse used on the flying eagle cents of this year. To view the entire set, click here.

Regular Flying Eagle


Small Flying Eagle


Indian head


Anthony Paquet designed pattern reverses for the quarter J221/P264

and half dollar J222/P265

and Gold Dollar J224/P268

Uniface splashers of both sides of the gold dollar JA1858-6/P3182 and JA1858-7/P3185 and his original half dollar design JA1858-4/P3176 still exist as well.

Photos used courtesy of Stacks, Teletrade, Bowers and Merena, Superior and the American Numismatic Society, accession number 1908.93.573.

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