This year is one of the more famous years in Coindom. It is one of years most known for the mint restriking various pieces such as 1804 silver dollars among many others.

On the pattern front, cents were made using the pattern reverse dies of 1858 including J227/P271 and others.

Transitional half dime J232/P279 and dime J233/P280 designs using the obverse of 1859 with the new reverse of 1860 were made.

Anthony C. Paquet's quarter reverse was again employed J234/P281.

Numerous half dollars were made by both Paquet J235/P282

and Longacre J240/P296

which were combined with many reverses. Most of these were restruck throughout the 1860s and 1870s. The Paquet eagle reverse was even muled to an 1838 obverse die in the 1870s to produce J254/P80.

Double eagles of several designs were also made with the first one by Paquet using an obverse similar to the half dollar shown above J257/P305

This year also marks the first use of Paquet's tall letter reverse J260/P311.

Photos used courtesy of Bowers and Merena, Teletrade and Kingswood Auctions and American Numismatic Rarities.

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