This year is noted for the many anti-counterfeiting patterns produced. These came from suggestions by J.T. Barclay.

The first is known as the intaglio cent J264/P3236.

Lettered edge half dollars J269/P317

and thinner/wider half eagles J272/P320 were also produced.

Gold examples of this pattern are known. To view click here.

The 1857 pattern quarter eagle obverse originally used with J189/P226 was muled with a new reverse to produce J270/P318 making it one of the first double dated coins made at the Mint.

The last piece of this year is the famous 1860 Paquet reverse double eagle J272A/P321.

The only known example is in the Smithsonian.

Photo courtesy of Stacks-Bowers, Heritage, Superior, American Numismatic Rarities and the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

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