This was a quiet year in patterns. Indian cents were tested in aluminum-bronze alloy J353/P425 and a two-headed muling of the 1864 Indian obverse combined with the 1858 small letters flying eagle cent J362/P428 was probably deliberately struck for sale to collectors.

Two cent patterns using both the Small and Large Motto obverses combined with the pattern reverse in which the word Cents is very curved J363/P437.

Paquet's quarter reverse reappears J384/P452

It is actually a restrike made circa 1869 and into the early 1870s. 1864 dated quarters, half dollars and dollars with the reverse design with "In God We Trust" above the eagle's head as used from 1866-1891 were also struck circa 1869 and into the early 1870s deliberately for sale to collectors such as J393/P461

As part of the sale of these, the mint also produced backdated "trials" of the 1864-L cent, 3 cent, half dime and dime to include them with the above as needed. These backdated dies were made from hubs having the open "D" in "United" for the 3 cent and half dimes and the broken "S" in "States" on the dime, which were made from circa 1869 hubs. Virgil Brand had one such set struck in nickel ex Doughty 1891, H.P Smith 1906.

Photos used courtesy of Teletrade and Superior.

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