This year marks the appearance of nickel (25% nickel / 75% copper) 3 cent pieces. Only a single pattern design is known which has a larger reverse wreath J410/P481.

1865 shield nickels using the with rays reverse of 1866 J417/P489 and also the no rays reverse of 1867 are known. Some of the former may be original as an example was in the Mickley sale. The latter J418/P490 is a restrike made circa 1869 and into the 1870s.

The Paquet quarter reverse makes its final appearance J423/P495. It is also a restrike made circa 1869 and into the 1870s.

This year is believed to mark the first true appearance of the "In God We Trust" reverse. Those dated 1863 and 1864 are restrikes made from 1869 or so into the 1870s. Some of those dated 1865 may also be restrikes.

This reverse appeared on quarters J425/P497

half dollars and silver dollars and also on the larger gold denominations. J445/P517



The 3 piece set above is in the Smithsonian. Another set was first offered in 1870.

Restrike Gold Dollars and three dollars J440 with an obverse from 1872 were also made possibly to accompany these pieces.

This is also believed to be the first year when off-metal die trials sets, in this case struck in copper, were made from the one cent to the double eagle although some denominations are not confirmed to exist today. These off-metal sets would become a popular collectible for advanced collectors of the day.

Photos used courtesy of Teletrade, Superior, Kagins and the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

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