This year is highlighted by the many nickel 5 cent patterns produced. 6 obverse and 6 reverse dies were used to produce a myriad of combinations.

Three of the obverse dies used images of George Washington including J470/P562

Another was of Abraham Lincoln J486/P575

and 2 used a shield design including J497/583

Some of these dies escaped the Mint and were used by Joseph J. Mickley to strike various mulings. To learn more about this, click here.

This year is also known for the seated liberty quarter J536/P600, half dollar J538/P602 and dollar struck using the no-motto reverse as used prior to this year. These were struck in the early 1870s for Robert Coulton Davis.

Off-metal die trials of many denominations were also struck.

Photos used courtesy of Ira and Larry Goldberg's Coins and Collectibles, Superior and the Museum of the American Numismatic Association.

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