This year is highlighted by the creation of cased aluminum die trial sets.

In addition to this, 2 different sets of the one cent, 3 cent and 5 cent nickel patterns were produced. One such set includes J608/P673, J618/P687, J633/P704-P705 and cost $9 per set. We show a cased double presentation set which was originally sold in Stacks Floyd Starr sale.

Additional 5 cent nickel patterns were also produced.

Three dime patterns were struck including J641/P713 which were for the redemption of fractional currency. It is one of two designs using this dateless seated liberty obverse.

The other uses the old large cent obverse combined with a ten cent reverse J647/P720

This obverse was also used with the old large cent reverse to produce a collectors coin here shown in nickel J610/P675.

The copper example is more popular among collectors although it is actually more common than nickel example. To view a copper example, click here.

Additional patterns of this year include the first attempt at an international coinage J658/P731

and an eagle pattern J661/P734 which, in gold as illustrated, is one of only 4 known.

Photos used courtesy of Superior, Stacks, Teletrade and Heritage.

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