The mint repeated testing the use of a uniformly designed nickel one cent, 3 cent and 5 cent design. J666/P742



The set of 3 pieces was sold by the mint to collectors for $9.

The mint tested experimental alloys on dime planchets, one of supposed silver-nickel alloy J714/P793 and the other in an alloy of silver, nickel and copper J716/P795.

The highlight of this year, however, was the creation of the Standard silver for the dime, quarter and half dollar. These pieces, of reduced weight, would be used to redeem fractional currency notes. They were available from the mint for the price of $15.

Three different obverse designs were used as on the three pieces below J700/P779



An eagle pattern with an obverse similar to the one made the previous year J779/P864 was also struck which used the regular reverse.

Complete die trial sets from the cent to the double eagle were made in copper, aluminum and nickel for sale to collectors.

Outside the mint, a 5 cent and half eagle were made from dies which left the mint and got into the hands of Joseph J. MIckley. To learn more about this, click here.

Photos used courtesy of Teletrade, Superior and American Numismatic Rarities.

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