The mint continued experiments on the "Standard Silver" coinage. They repeated the 3 obverse designs of last year with a similar reverse to last year and a new reverse. To view a complete set with the new reverse, click here. These again were sold for $15 to collectors.

We show 3 of them below.




William Barber created a new Liberty seated design from the half dime to the silver dollar which was combined with both a wreath reverse similar to one of the standard ones shown above J825/P915

and also with the regular reverse from the 3 cent silver to the dollar J1003/P1135

William Barber created dollar patterns combining both reverses above with a seatled libery obverse by the late James B. Longacre who died the prior year. J1012/P1146


Complete off-metal sets from the cent to the double eagle were made in copper, aluminum and nickel for sale to collectors.

Photos used courtesy of Teletrade, Superior and Heritage.

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