This year is highlighted by two designs by William Barber. The first is the famous Amazonian design used on quarters, half dollars J1201/P1234 as shown below, and silver dollars.

To view all 3 denominations at once, click here.

The other is a complete set of the 6 gold denominations sharing a uniform design. They are now also known as the Amazonian design due to the similarity of the reverse with the silver coins above. They have also been called the Capped Liberty design by others. We show the three dollar J1235/P1377 which is the only pattern design ever made at the mint for this denomination. To view the entire set, click here.

Work continued on creating a heavier dollar to compete with the Mexican peso in facilitating trade with the orient. Some had the Commercial Dollar reverse introduced the previous year. J1212/P1352

Others would later have the denomination as "Trade Dollar" such as J1220/P1362

Complete off-metal sets from the cent to the double eagle were made in copper and aluminum for sale to collectors.

Photos used courtesy of Ira and Larry Goldberg's Coins and Collectibles, Heritage, American Numismatic Rarities and Teletrade.

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