This year saw 6 additional twenty cent pattern designs made from 3 obverse and 4 reverse dies. We show each obverse below.

This design, by William Barber is known as the sailor's head variety. This design in modified form would be used on other patterns over the next 2 years. J1392/P1535

This is the so-called Liberty at the Seashore design. J1405/P1546

The last is the seated liberty design here with the Liberty incused on the ribbon across the shield. For some unknown reason, the regular production twenty cent pieces have Liberty raised on the ribbon as on the original Gobrecht dollars made from 1836 - 1839. J1407/P1550

Additional trade dollar patterns were made using the Liberty at the seashore design J1426/P1569

The other 2 were struck using a no-motto dollar reverse from 1840-1865 and the 1871 Commercial dollar. They were probably deliberately struck for sale to collectors.

The last 2 patterns of this year use the Barber sailor's head design on a half eagle J1438/P1581

and eagle J1443/P1587

Complete sets from the cent to the double eagle were also struck in copper and aluminum for sale to collectors.

Photos used courtesy of Heritage, Teletrade and Ebay.

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