This year is known mostly for the many trade dollar patterns produced this year. William Barber modified his sailor's head design on 4 of these and matched them to a common reverse one of which is shown below J1461/P1611

He also modified his Liberty at the seashore design and combined it with 4 reverses including one which used a no-motto reverse used on regular dollars from 1840 to 1865 J1471/P1622

Anthony C. Paquet is back with a design of his own as well J1475B/P1627.

2 Transitional double eagle designs were also made. On the one illustrated the obverse and reverse are of the style used from 1877 - 1907.


Partially complete off-metal sets in copper were also produced. These would not appear again for another 8 years.

Photos used courtesy of Teletrade, Heritage and one is a scan from Auction 85.

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