This year is known for its pattern dollars and larger diameter quarter eagle and half eagles.

With regard to the dollar, competing designs were produced, one by George T. Morgan based on one of his half dollar designs from the prior year J1550A/P1725

the other by William Barber using an obverse copied from his $50 half unions also of the previous year J1554/P1733.

In addition to these, 3 other dollar designs were made by Barber using an obverse from 1877 and made from alloys of gold, silver and copper called goloid. The most polished of these designs is shown below.


A quarter eagle J1567/P1757

and several half eagles were produced using a wider diameter possibly as an anti-counterfeiting measure. We show 2 of them below. J1570/P1764


Finally Barber and Morgan created designs for the half eagle and eagle of normal size 2 sets of which were made in gold. Barber's is the first one shown while Morgan's is a copy of his 1877 eagle design.



Photos used courtesy of RARCOA, Don Coley, Teletrade, Tangible Asset Galleries, Heritage, Superior, Ira and Larry Goldberg's Coins and Collectibles and Andy Lustig.

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