1879 Coiled Hair

1. January 1882 Bangs and Company Sale John Work Garrett Johns Hopkins University Nov. 1979 Bowers and Ruddy Garrett Sale (431) $115,000 Auction ‘80 (835) $175,000 May 1987 Superior Buddy Ebsen Sale (2444) $165,000 Pedigree Marks: Spot above “8” and others inside loops of digit; spots in front of neck.

2. W.W. Neil June 1947 B. Max Mehl Neil Sale (2603) $3,850 in set Grant Pierce August 1976 Stack’s ANA Sale (2920) $225,000 in set Pedigree Marks: Spot between the “9” and truncation of bust.

3. May 1950 B. Max Mehl Golden Jubilee Sale (243) $4,100 in set Amon Carter Sr. Amon Carter Jr. January 1984 Stack’s Amon Carter Sale (632) $88,000 Pedigree Mark: Minor toning spot on obverse rim below right side of 8.

4. February 1954 Sotheby's Palace Sale (392) In Set May 1970 Stack’s Gaston DiBello Sale (796) Pedigree Marks: Spot alongside side of star above E in ONE; obverse spot between hair and C; toning over left side of 9.

5. Armand Champa May 1972 Bowers and Ruddy Champa Sale (521) $29,000 September 1982 Sotheby’s Sale (250) $61,600 October 1983 Stack’s Sale (57) $74,800 August 1995 Bowers and Merena Sale (307) $137,500 Pedigree Marks: Spot between star one and rim; spot in right field near joining of hair and neck; two blots to right of the hair; lint mark behind hair bun below R; spot on reverse inside dentils at 4:30; blemishes at base of “D” and “L” of dollar.

6. October 1974 Superior Sale (133) $105,000 June 1978 Stack’s Sale (828) $90,000 Ed Trompeter February 1992 Superior Ed Trompeter Sale (134) $198,000 August 1992 Superior Orlando Sale (598) October 1995 Stack’s Sale (1547) $220,000 Pedigree Marks: Spot below right foot of M; vertical line impairment extending from edge of star over “D” in “DOLLAR”

7. December 1982 Stack’s Western sale (1137) $80,000 Pedigree Marks: Spot on obverse between the eye and 3; small specks over star and below “N” and “M” of UNUM.

8. Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. H.P Smith, Clapp, Louis E. Eliasberg, Jr. October 1982 Bowers and Ruddy U.S. Gold Sale (317) $101,750 January 1985 Superior Jerry Buss Sale (1766) $95,000 October 1991 Superior Sale (3389) Pedigree Marks: Spot above the hair below star 6; spot on reverse rim below U in FOUR; reverse spot on star between E of ONE and first L in STELLA.

9. Mar. 1948 Numismatic Gallery Memorable Sale (280) July 1997 Bowers and Merena Rarities Sale (359) $231,000 Spectrum Numismatics Pedigree Marks: Spot directly below star one; blemish between 6 and throat of Liberty; spot below left side of G in GRAMS; spot on reverse dentils below left edge of O in DOL.

10. Josiah K. Lilly Smithsonian Institution

11. Dr. Wilkison, Browning, Sotheby’s October 2001

12. Stack’s (Summer 1997 Fixed Price List at $875,000 in set) January 1998 Stack’s Americana Sale (1498) Unsold Pedigree Mark: oblong spot between star two and rim on obverse.

13. Dupont, stolen in 1967, possibly one of above

A. 1882 Edward Cogan Randall Sale (631)

B. 1892 New York Coin and Stamp Woodside Sale (246) $40

C. September 1973 Quality Sales Sale (1154)

D. November 1944 B. Max Mehl Olsen Sale

E. 1941 B. Max Mehl Dunham Sale

F. February 1961 Kreisberg/Schulman Sale (1150) In Set

G. Lohr Fixed Price List (1961)

H. Judd, Illustrated History of U.S. Coins (1962)

I. January 1963 Kreisberg/Schulman Sale (1938)

J. PCGS Proof 66 August 1998 Heritage ANA Sale (7623) check later Heritage

Note: Virgil Brand owned 3 of these.