Every pattern of this year is a repeat from the previous year.

4 goloid dollar patterns were made. This one is William Barber's design and was inspired by his 1877 half union J1645/P1845

This one was designed by George Morgan and is considered one of the ugliest patterns ever made. J1650/P1850

This one is also from a design by William Barber. The obverse was originally from an 1877 half dollar pattern and was used on goloid patterns for the next 3 years. J1653/P1853

This last one is by George Morgan and has coiled hair similar to that on his $4 gold design J1654/P1854

Here is Charles Barber's flowing hair stella J1657/P1857

and here is George Morgan's coiled hair design. J1660/P1860

Finally, half eagle die trials were made in copper. It is not known why they were made.

Photos courtesy of Heritage, Teletrade, Ira and Larry Goldberg's Coins and Collectibles, Superior and Bowers and Merena.

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