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1884-CC Dollar on Silver Strip

This item was struck, on a silver strip, from the Cancelled Dies of an 1884-CC Silver Dollar. This item was struck recently per the description provided below from lot 2952 of Superior's 5/01 Long Beach sale where this piece is offered.

"This was purchased by the consignor, a well-known figure in the numismatic community, from dealer John Christiansen. A few years ago a coin show was held at the old Carson City Mint, now a part of the Nevada Department of Museums, Library and Arts and home to the Nevada State Museum. The raffle door prizes included these two items which were officially struck at the time by the Carson City Mint / Nevada State Museum authorities and are the only such pieces made. They are being sold unreserved. The dies, as you can see from the photographs, each have a large X cancel chiseled into them. The condition is choice, lustrous, and "Mint Quality"."

A companion copper piece is also known and sold as lot 2953 in the same Superior 5/01 sale. To view, click here.

Strikes were also produced on round oversized silver planchets in normal coin format. For an example of one, see lot 2277 of Superior's October 2001 sale.

Photo courtesy of Mike Byers.