1879 Morgan Silver Set

This year marked an attempt to produce a new uniform design for our silver coinage for the first time since 1872. George T. Morgan modified the head of his silver dollar design and placed it on the dime, quarter and half dollar. The most noticable modification is the use of 5 leaves instead of 4 above the ribbon inscribed Liberty. He also created a new eagle design as his regular production design was criticized as being scrawny.

The Barber family also created a uniform design which is known today as the Washlady design. To view Barber's Washlady set, click here.

Unlike Barber, Morgan produced additional pattern reverses for the dime and dollar and used a miniature dollar obverse one of his half dollars. We show all 7 below. A complete set is still in the Smithsonian whereas the Garrett silver set and the Harry W Bass Jr Research Foundation sets were broken up. The Simpson collection contains complete assembled sets in both silver and copper.

Dime J1586/P1779


Quarter J1593/P1787

Half Dollar J1599/P1794


Dollar J1611/P1807


Photos courtesy of Heritgae, Superior, Teletrade, Bowers and Merena, Stacks and Ira and Larry Goldberg's Coins and Collectibles.