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Shield Nickels on Cent Planchets

Shield nickels on cent planchets have often been mistaken for regular die trial pieces in various auction sales from the 1870s to the early 1900s.

The following dates are recorded:

1866. This is often confused with examples of J510/P594. Only 2 examples are confirmed, both of which were offered in the pattern portions of those 1800s auctions, as follows:

1) Seavey Descriptive Catalog (1873) #1048, Parmelee (1890) part of lot 165, unknown intermediates, Federal Coin 8/1960 lot 2442 as Unc, Schornstein, Lighterman - NGC64BN

2) Sanford (E. Cogan 1874 lot 80 where described as "struck on a smaller planchet and been circulated") to Herbert, much later to Federal Coin 5/1959 lot 2196 as XF?, Superior 9/98 lot 854, Jim O'donnell, Superior 2/2001, Mike Byers, Heritage 4/10 (not sold), Heritage 8/10 (not sold) - PCGSXF45, illustrated above.

Note that the entire design does not fit on the smaller planchet.

1867 with rays which could be confused with J572/P648. A single gem UNC example is known ex Seavey Descriptive Catalog (1873) #1056, Parmelee (1890) part of lot 175, much later Weinberg Summer 1979 FPL and is presently owned by Saul Teichman. It also was sold in the pattern section of the listed sales.

1867 without rays which could be confused with J573/P650. A single VF example ex Federal Coin 8/60 lot 2443 is confirmed.

1868 which could be confused with J635/P707. This is reported in Judd and Taxay but is not confirmed. The copper pattern is also unconfirmed and may be a misdescription of this mint error.

1873 which could be confused with J1264/P1406 with apparently the 2 known listed below.

1) Zabriskie (H Chapman June 1909 lot 312) to Jenkins (H. Chapman 7/22 Jenkins sale lot 1011), Olsen (Mehl 11/44), Farouk, unknown intermediates, Weinberg-Heritage 5/22 - NGC64RB

2) ANS Inventory #0000.999.55686, corroded, 2.969 grams - verification pending

1876 reported by member Fred Weinberg as ex Bolt - PCGSAU50BN.

1882 with 3 confirmed as follows:

1) Heritage 9/02 at $2,070, Weinberg, Byers, Als Coins, Heritage 1/07 (not sold) as NCS AU details, cleaned, Heritage 4/14 (now retoned) - PCGSAU55.

2) Xan Chamberlain - NGC65BN 1770620-002

3) Woloch-Heritage 7/22 - NGC64BN 2126467-003

One of these last 2 is ex Elder 2/25/09 lot 37, Elder 11/37 (a Chicago collector) lot 1189.

Photo courtesy of Mike Byers.