Click to enlarge1841 No Drapery Dime

This dime struck in proof is an anomaly. Struck from a die with no drapery, a style that was discontinued in 1840, but having the figure of Liberty as on the with drapery design. It is unclear if it has any relation to the 1840 white metal splasher, JA1840-2/P3070, which had the drapery removed by hand. These could be experimental or simply pieces struck from a rejected die.

Only 2 examples are known as follows:

1) Low 11/06 sale lot 117 (part of a complete silver proof set from the half dime to the dollar), Brand (journal #35899), Armin Brand, consigned to B.G. Johnson in 1935 at $75, Col Green, B.G. Johnson (offered in various consignment invoices 1941 to 1947), Eric Newman-EPNNES, Heritage 11/13, Gardner-Heritage 5/15, Heritage 1/22 FUN - NGC67, illustrated above

2) Boyd, NN 57th, Kagin 11/73, Heritage 7/93, Heritage 10/01 as NGCAU53 - PCGSAU50

Photo courtesy of Heritage.