Click to enlarge1861 Paquet Double Eagle

The status of this piece has been uncertain since its earliest appearances. Adams and Woodin considered it a pattern AW334 while Judd / Breen considered it a regular issue. An article in the ANA Centennial Anthology by Michael Hodder, John J. Ford Jr. and P. Scott Rubin describe it as a piece de caprice.

Only 2 examples are known today as follows:

1) Bache (Woodward 3/1865), Seavey (1873), Parmelee (6/1890), Woodside (4/1892), M.A. Brown (4/1897), V. Brand (journal #17021), Armin Brand, consigned to B.G. Johnson as the Newman Numismatic Portal shows invoices to Mehl-8/8/1940, Boyd-9/17/1940, Stacks-7/8/1941 and Boyd-10/15/1943 again, Boyd (date unknown), Farouk, Norweb-B/M 11/88, Jung-Heritage 8/21 - PCGS67. This is illustrated above and is one of the finest double eagles known of any date.

Photo is a scan from the Norweb sale catalog.

2) Col Cohen (Cogan 10/1875), Cram (Strobridge 3/1877), unknown intermediates, Wittlin, Paramount, RARCOA, Kosoff, Brownlee, Texas bank collection (Browning), Sotheby/Stacks 10/01, Heritage 8/06, Heritage 8/14 - PCGS61, illustrated below.

Photo courtesy of IGC.