Click to enlargePerfect vs Broken Ribbon

This shows the 2 1859 Paquet reverse dies side by side.

The first used on J235-J236/P282-P283 and also on J245-J246/P301-P302 is the so-called 'Perfect Ribbon' reverse. It has groups of 4 vertical lines in the shield, 7 tail feathers, pointed left (observers right) wingtip and full leaf above the "A" in "Half".

The other is the 'Broken Ribbon' reverse used on J235-J236/P284-P285 and also on J245-J246/P303-P304. It was also combined with the 1838 Kneass obverse in the 1870s to produce J254-J255/P80-P81. It has groups of 3 vertical lines in the shield, 6 tail feathers, split left wingtip and just a stem or half a leaf above the "A" in "Half".

Photos used are courtesy of Teletrade and Bowers and Merena.