Click to enlarge1852 Restrike Dollar

These were struck starting in circa 1858 deliberately for sale to collectors. Early 2001 articles in Coin World by Dave Bowers discuss practices by the mint in those years.

These were often offered in the pattern sections of sales by Cogan, Woodward and Mason & Company who were well aware of their restrike status. The earliest occurrence for one of these was lot 135 of Cogan's May 1859 Simon Gratz sale.

These were also struck in copper as J134/P161. Its first occurrence was in Cogan's April 1877 Jenks sale. This may mean that the copper restrikes of this year were made much later possibly in the 1870s as opposed to being struck with the first silver restrikes.

Additional information can be found in "Silver Dollars and Trade Dollars of the United States" by Dave Bowers and Mark Borckardt.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.