Click to enlarge1865 "Restrike" Gold Dollar

This 1865 gold dollar with the date slanting up to the right was believed by Breen to be of a similar fabric to the restrike three dollar J440. More recent examination, especially of the obverse die by John Dannreuther, has determined that this die pair is actually the first proofs of this date - designated by him as JD1. It appears that this was struck from a rejected reverse die which was poorly finished.

It was NOT made in the late 1860s or early 1870s.

John Dannreuther, however, has identified a third proof die pairing, designated as JD3 which is a restrike as its obverse die state is circa 1869-1870. This coin, illustrated in color at the top of this page, (click on the thumbnail for an enlargement) is the one which was struck for inclusion with the 1865 with motto gold patterns J445/P517, J449/P521 and J452/P524. As expected, only 2 examples are known.

We would like to thank John Dannreuther for discussing his researches with us regarding this and other issues.

Photo of the JD1 is the former Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation example sold as part of the Bass III sale and again is not the restrike. Photo of the JD3 restrike is courtesy of Heritage from the January 2013 FUN sale.