1870 Standard Silver Set 1

The standard silver series was devised as a means of redeeming fractional currency notes using pieces of reduced weight. In effect, these were token coinage as they were worth less than their face value.

The Mint produced the same 3 designs for the dime, quarter and half dollar as the previous year with the reverse of oak and laurel. To view the 1869 set, click here. The sets were priced at $15. Although listed as the second type of this year in the Judd & Pollock books, we believed that these were actually the first ones struck that year.

The Mint also produced a second design using the same 3 obverse designs for each denomination but with a new reverse containing a wreath of cotton and corn. To view, click here.

These pieces were struck in silver, copper and aluminum with either reeded or plain edges and were sold to collectors for $15 per set. This set is the rarer set of the 2 sets for this year with less than a dozen known in all metals

The sets include the following:

Ten Cents J855/P935, J861/P949, J867/P963

Quarters J906/P994, J912/1008, J918/P1022

Half Dollars J963/P1059 or J969/P1080 or J975/P1087, J981/P1101 and J987/P1116.

Photos courtesy of PCGS