1873 Trade Dollar Set

The mint sold the following 6 trade dollar patterns for $30 a set per the Chapman brother's 1895 Winsor sale. The earliest sales occurrence for the set appears to be Ed Cogan's 10/1875 Col Cohen sale where it was purchased by Cleneay. Ed Cogan's 12/1878 sale mentions that 60 sets were sold.

Original sets are extremely rare today with examples in the Smithsonian, Connecticut State Library and Durham Museum and one sold by Superior being purchased by Hockey great Wayne Gretzky to much fanfare. Other sets such as Garrett's and Eliasberg's were sold individually and are no longer believed to be intact.







Sets were also made in copper and aluminum. Silver sets with plain edges were also struck and 5 of the 6 designs are known in white metal.

Photos courtesy of Heritage, Teletrade and Superior.