This year is known for the first Lincoln head design known only on a splasher JA1909-1/P3527

and also for the seven 5 cent patterns produced by Charles Barber.

The first is similar to his 1896 design J1933/P2016. This used to be J1781 in earlier editions.

The other 4 have George Washington on them.

J1934/P2017. This used to be J1782 in earlier editions.

J1935/P2018. This used to be J1783 in earlier editions.

J1936/P2019. This used to be J1784 in earlier editions.

J1937/P2020. This used to be J1785 in earlier editions.

J1938/P2021. This used to be J1786 in earlier editions.

J1939/P2022. This used to be J1787 in earlier editions.

All of the 5 cent patterns are in the Smithsonian.

The Lincoln cent photo is courtesy of a Midwest collection and the others are courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

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