Click to enlargeA 7th J17/P24A Discovered

The following piece is the 7th example of a copper 1794 half dollar has been discovered in a New Hampshire collection in July 2006.

This example is an Overton 106, and, like so many others, was cut down and used as a planchet for a 1795 half cent of the Breen 6a/Cohen 6a variety.

It was consigned as lot 94 of ANR's September 2006 sale where it was as follows:

"The undertype is especially bold on this new discovery, making it perhaps the most important of the four half cents now known. The full 1794 date is easily seen in the right obverse field, near the rim in a vertical position. Star 15 is seen in the field in front of Liberty's nose while star 14 is plain around Y of LIBERTY. Liberty's eye is easily seen behind the cap on the half cent. On the reverse, TES of STATES from the half dollar can be seen between OF AMERICA on the half cent, with plentiful leaves from the wreath, portions of the eagle, and some letters able to be made out nearby. Enough detail remains from the host half dollar striking that the dies may be easily attributed as Overton-106..."

As this die variety is unique, we have assigned it as P24A.

The coin was purchased by half cent specialist Jim McGuigan and sold in Heritage 8/22 sale - PCGSF15.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.