Gobrecht Dollars
Last Updated April 12, 2016

The first 2 articles are by James Gray and Mike Carboneau and represent their theories regarding the striking alignments of the Gobrecht dollars.

The third article by Robert W. Julian and Craig Sholley represents updated comments regarding the original striking theory first espoused by Walter Breen and refutes the die rotation theory of Gray & Carboneau.

The next three articles by John Dannreuther with help from Saul Teichman presented more up to date research trying to merge what was believed to be the correct pieces of both theories.

A second article by Robert Julian & Craig Sholley is next which refutes and updates those findings and finally an article by Robert Julian dicusses his latest findings regarding the March 1837 and 1839 strikings.

The final article by Craig Sholley, John Dannreuther and Saul Teichman uses information from all of these and the many examples from the Dr. Korein collection, now in the ANS to come up with a final theory.

For the latest information by Craig Sholley, John Dannreuther and Saul Teichman, click on the attribution guide hosted courtesy of our friends at Heritage.

The Issue of 1837

Gobrecht Dollars of 1838 and 1839

Revisionist Theory Wrong About Gobrechts

Gobrecht Dollars Revisited - Part 1

Gobrecht Dollars Revisited - Part 2

Gobrecht Conclusions



New Data Supports Revisionist Theory of the Gobrecht Dollars

DTS Theory for 1838 and 1839 Originals

1838 Struck over 1859 Dollar
1838 Struck over 1859 Dollar