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This is a restrike made in the 1870s deliberately for sale to collectors. It employs the regular 1839 capped bust obverse combined with the flying eagle reverse used on pattern 1838 and 1839 dated coins. Both dies show heavy die rust.

Only 2 are known as follows:

1) Woodin, Newcomer, Boyd, Judd, Krouner-Coronet Coin, FPL, Merkin 2/71, Bass, HWBRF-Heritage 5/23 - PCGS66, illustrated above courtesy of PCGS, click on the thumbnail image to enlarge.

2) MHS-Stacks 76 ANA, Witham, Auction 81, Lemus-Queller-Heritage 1/09 as NGC63, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 - PCGS63, illustrated below courtesy of Heritage.