Click to enlargeJ1029/P1164

Although these are described as regular die trial pieces in the standard references, the off-metal 'trials' of this year were deliberately made for sale to collectors.

Examples exist in the following combinations:

Copper J1029/P1164 with about a half dozen known.

Aluminum J1030/P1165 with only 3 or fewer believed to exist including the illustrated example from ANR's 8/04 sale.

Nickel J1031/P1166 which is believed unique and ex Woodin-1914 ANS exhibit, Newcomer, Farouk, Stacks 76 ANA, Stacks 2/77, Simpson-Heritage 1/21, Heritage 11/21, Heritage 5/22 - PCGS63 and is illustrated below.

Photo courtesy of PCGS.