Click to enlargeJ1108/P1244

The Longacre design without stars combined with the regular reverse die of 1870. This was apparently implemented by William Barber as Longacre died in 1869.

These were sold as part of complete sets from the half dime to the silver dollar. To view the set, click here.

Examples were struck as follows:

Silver J1108/P1244 with about a half dozen known as illustrated above.

Photo courtesy of Ebay.

Copper J1109/P1245 with about a half dozen known. One of the nicer examples is shown below.

Photo courtesy of Tangible Asset Galleries.

Aluminum J1110/P1246 with the following 2 confirmed.

1) Lohr, Cox-Stacks 4/62, Krouner-Coronet Coin FPL, Merkin 2/71, Champa-B/R 5/72, Sieck-81 ANA, B/R 9/82, Superior 10/89 - PCGS65

2) Heritage 11/03, Heritage 8/04, Heritage 3/05 - PCGS65