Click to enlargeJ1130/P1266

The Longacre design without stars combined with the regular reverse. This was apparently implemented by William Barber as Longacre died in 1869.

These were sold as part of complete sets from the half dime to the silver dollar. To view the set, click here.

This design is known in the following combinations.

J1126/P1262 silver with reeded edge with only 3 or 4 known including:

1) Lohr, River Oaks-B/R 11/76, Bass-B/M 5/99, Stacks 3/02, southern collection, Simpson collection - NGC66

2) Boosel-RARCOA 4/72, Rothchild-Stacks, Queller-Heritage 1/09, Heritage 7/09, Heritage 1/11 - NGC63

The example in Kosoff 10/68 is a third or belongs to one of the above.

J1127/P1263 silver with plain edge with only 3 or 4 known including:

1) Sieck-81 ANA, Queller-Heritage 1/09 as NGC63, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 - PCGS63

2) Judd, B/R RCR #12 (Sep-Oct 1971), Magnolia-SpinkSmythe 5/11, Simpson collection - PCGS64

It is unclear if the Rarcoa Boosel and Hughes 6/80 listings are for other examples.

J1128/P1264 copper with reeded edge with at least 4 known.

J1129/P1265 copper with plain edge with at least 6 known.

J1130/P1266 aluminum with reeded edge with only 2 or 3 known.

J1131/P1267 aluminum with plain edge with only 2 or 3 known.