Click to enlargeJ1132/P1268

The Longacre design without stars combined with a "No Motto" reverse used from 1840-1865. This muling is a fantasy piece deliberately made for sale to collectors as this reverse die wasn't supposed to exist. This reverse die is a different one from the one used on the trade dollar patterns of 1875 J1420-J1422/P1563-P1565 and 1876 J1470-J1471/P1621-P1622. It is unknown if this was actually struck in 1871 or later.

Examples are known as follows:

Copper with reeded edge J1132/P1268 with only 3 known as follows:

1) Mitchelson, Connecticut State Library

2) Schorer 5/73, Bass-B/M 5/99 as PCGS64BN, ANR 9/03 as PCGS65BN, Southern collection, Simpson collection - PCGS66BN, illustrated above.

3) Newcomer, Farouk, Judd, Morgan-StacksBowers 8/19 ANA - PCGS Unc details scratched, cleaned.

One of these is ex Doughty (4/1891), Woodside (4/1892).

Copper with plain edge J1132A/P1269 which is unique and is ex Mehl 6/07 lot 534, Zabriskie (H Chapman 6/09), Farouk, Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation, Southern collection, Simpson collection. It has been harshly cleaned and lacquered.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.