Click to enlargeJ113/P127

This is a muling of the reverse dies used on J111/P125 and J112/P126.

Presumably these are restrikes made later than 1849.

Examples exist as follows:

Silver-copper J113/P127 with about a dozen believed to exist. One example from Michael Bourne's collection was tested and came back as 95.68% copper and 4.32% silver as opposed to being on standard 90% silver. More research needs to be done on these as it is unclear if these are later 1850s or 1860s strikings.

Copper-nickel J114/P128. An example from Michael Bourne's collection came back 86.3% copper, 13.55% nickel and 0.15% iron which leads to these being struck in the late 1850s to early 1860s on the old 88% copper, 12% nickel cent stock. Fewer than a dozen are known. The Pollock book notes 6 known but to this must now be added the Eliasberg and Pittman examples.

Copper J114A/P129. Only the one offered as part of lot 1738 in the Farouk sale is known.

Photo courtesy of Superior.