Click to enlargeJ115/P130

These extremely rare patterns were had cut by James Longacre and not die struck. Each example, therefore, is unique unto itself.

Examples were struck as follows:

Gold J115/P130 with fewer than a half dozen confirmed. They should weigh close to 25.8 grains but all mentioned in Pollock are a bit light. According to Pollock, the gold examples have a stop between the second "A" in America and the letter "U" in United on the obverse.

Silver (gold plated) J116/P131 with about a half dozen known including examples in the Smithsonian and Durham Museum. These seem to weigh less than 20 grains.

Note: Specific gravity tests are recommended as weight alone is not a good measure of the true nature of these pieces. The Boyd, Judd, Wilkison, B/M 1/02 specimen, illustrated above, weighs only 16.4 grains but is 51% gold, 25% silver and 23% copper.

Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena.