Click to enlargeJ1214/P1355

Struck from William Barber's lower relief copy of the Longacre indian princess design.

Examples were struck in the following combinations:

Silver with reeded edge J1214/P1355 with about a half dozen known.

Silver with plain edge J1215/P1356 with at least 3 known - Farouk's, Garrett's and Eliasberg's.

Copper with reeded edge J1216/P1357 with about a half dozen known.

Copper with plain edge J1217/P1358 with the following known.

1) Rarcoa 5/72, Wyoming collection

2) Goldberg's 5/2007 - NGC65BN

3) Bowers & Merena's 6/10 - NGC64RB

4) Stacks-Bowers 6/11, Heritage 1/12 FUN, Heritage 4/12 - PCGS64RB.

the cleaned Farouk, Vickery, 72 ANA, Crouch piece may be a another if it is not the same as #2 chocolatized.

Aluminum with reeded edge J1218/P1359 with only the 2 Farouk coins confirmed.

Image courtesy of Andy Lustig.