Click to enlargeJ126/P148

Longacre's second double eagle design struck in 1850. This obverse die was created as a replacement for the high relief one used to strike the unique 1849 double eagle J117/P132 which supposedly didn't stack properly.

This obverse die, which shows a central dot near Liberty's ear and a recut star 8 was rejected and a third obverse die was later created. Longacre's initials (J.B.L.) on the neck are also more to the right on the 1850 die.

These dateless coins were struck as follows:

Silver J126/P148 with only 2 known:

1) Judd, NERCA 79 ANA, Bowers and Ruddy Rare Coin Review #38, Auction 89, Queller-Heritage 1/09 - NGC62, illustrated above courtesy of Heritage. Click on the thumbnail image to enlarge.

2) Champa, Bowers and Ruddy 5/72, Evans, Bowers and Merena 8/98, Southern Collection, Simpson Collection - PCGS64, illustrated below courtesy of Bowers and Merena.

Copper J126A/P148A with only the gilt Woodside, Woodin, Newcomer, Farouk, Kosoff 8/66 ANA (as J259), Kosoff in 1971, Bass, HWBRF-Heritage 9/22 - PCGS64 confirmed and is illustrated below courtesy of PCGS. Its specific gravity turned out to be 8.92 per Lawrence J. Lee, curator of the ANA Museum on 9/5/2002. The reverse die used has very thin rays under the 'D' in UNITED which appear to be similar to, if not the same as, the die used on the unique 1849 double eagle J117/P132.

This copper pattern was apparently listed under 1859 in error as J259/P309. We believe this pattern should be delisted from future reference works under the 1859 date.