Click to enlargeJ1337/P1481

William Barber's famous Liberty facing right half eagle design of 1873. The obverse is similar to the one used on his trade dollar J1287/P1429. The reverse is his Amazonian design also used on J1240-J1242/P1382-P1384.

These first appeared in Haseltine's March 1876 sale. Examples were struck as follows:

Gold J1337/P1481 with two struck per the Haseltine sale as follows.

1) Newcomer, Boyd (see B.G. Johnson 7/19/40 invoice at $800), Numismatic Gallery 5/46 FPL, Judd, Wilkison, Akers, Southern collection, Simpson collection - PCGS65 illustrated above

2) Haseltine 3/1876, H.P. Smith (1906), J.S. Jenks (1921), Brand (journal id #117648), Armin Brand, sold 10/12/1944, later to King Farouk. This piece has not been seen since.

Copper J1338/P1482 with five struck per the Haseltine sale and that is all that are known today.

1) Bluestone 10/42, New Netherlands 61st sale, Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation - gilt.

2) Bolt, DiBello, Sieck-81 ANA, J.E. Drew, Leidman, Bowers and Merena 1/97, ANR 7/03, Heritage 8/04 as NGC64 - gilt.

3) Bergin-Stacks 6/84, Heritage 2007 ANA, Simpson collection - PCGS66RB.

4) Lohr, River Oaks-Bowers and Ruddy 11/76, Fred-Bowers and Merena 11/95, Marin Numismatics (Don Kagin and Andy Lustig) as PCGS64RB, Superior 10/01 - NGC65RB, Southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 11/20, Black Cat - PCGS65BN.

5) Farouk, Stacks 12/62, ANR 6/06 as PCGS62BN, Heritage 1/08, Simpson-Heritage 1/21 - NGC64BN/PCGS64BN.

Aluminum J1339/P1483 with two struck per the Haseltine sale as follows:

1) Col Green, Harte-Bowers and Ruddy 3/81, J.E. Drew, Southern collection as NGC63, Simpson collection - PCGS64 with lamination from chin to star 10 visible on Col Green and PCGSCoinfacts plates.

2) Farouk, Stacks 3/58?, Stacks 6/83, Marin Numismatics, Rajj, Stacks-Bowers 2011 ANA, Simpson-Heritage 4/21, Black Cat - PCGS65

Photo courtesy of PCGS.