Click to enlargeJ1358/P1503

This is the rarer of the two Bailly designs this one showing 20 cents inside a laurel wreath on the reverse. The 2 in 20 and the last A in America were recut into the die. This obverse design was first used on an 1873 trade dollar pattern J1315/P1458.

Examples were struck as follows:

Silver J1357/P1502 with only the Woodin-1914 ANS exhibition, Newcomer example listed in the literature. This piece has not been seen by modern scholars although it does appear in the PCGS population reports. We would like to see this to make sure that it is in fact, silver. It is listed at $10 in the Newcomer inventory.

Nickel J1358/P1503 with only 3 or 4 known as described below.

1) Kagin 10/84, Novoselsky, Heritage 2/01 as NGC67, Simpson collection - PCGS67, illustrated above

2) Crouch-Superior 6/77, Bowers and Merena 9/94, Heritage 8/00, 1/07 and 4/08 sales, Heritage 8/17 ANA - NGC65

3) Stickney, Brand (journal #49093), unknown intermediaries, Numismatics Ltd 8/74, Bass-B/M 5/99, Denali-Heritage 1/13 FUN, Legend-Morphy 4/13, Legend-Morphy 12/13 - PCGS66, reverse rim discoloration or corrosion above "OF" is visible on Stickney and Heritage plate.

The Lohr, Byron Johnson, Hughes 1/79 example may be a fourth or a recurrence of the illustrated example. One of the first two is ex Newcomer, Col Green and the other ex E. Adams circa 1920 fixed price list.

Photo courtesy of PCGS.