Click to enlargeJ135/P162

The ring gold half dollar of 1852.

This design is actually struck using the reverse die of a half dime with the other side blank with the exception of the denticles.

There are at least 5 known as follows per Akers Gold Pattern book:

1) Smithsonian

2) Chase Manhattan Bank, Smithsonian

3) Boyd, Judd, Wilkison, Paramount, A-Mark, Leidman, 81 ANA, Superior 1/2008, Simpson collection - PCGS65

4) Woodin, Lohr, Cox, Wilkison, Paramount, A-Mark, Auction 79, Auction 82, Simpson-Heritage 2/21 - PCGS66

5) Sloss, 79 ANA, B/M 9/93, Morgan-StacksBowers 8/19 ANA - PCGS66

Additional pedigrees chains for these include DeWitt Smith, V. Brand (journal id #46972), Armin Brand (sold 9/1/1940) and ex H.P. Smith (S.H. & H. Chapman 5/1906 lot 1343), Granberg. One is ex Newcomer, Col Green.

2 unstruck blank planchets exist for this, one ex Wilkison and the other ex Sloss, 79 ANA.

A companion gold dollar struck using dime dies also was made as J136/P163.

Photo courtesy of Rick Kay from images taken at the Smithsonian.