Click to enlargeJ1363/P1508

Although described as regular dies trial pieces, these were deliberately struck for sales to collectors as part of complete off-metal sets.

Examples were struck as follows:

Copper J1363/P1508 with the following 4 confirmed: To see available images, click here.

1) Mitchelson-Connecticut State Library

2) Hughes 7/80, ANR 12/03, Heritage 4/17 - PCGS64RB, illustrated above

3) Peters 1/75, Wyoming collection

4) Farouk ?, B/M 9/98 cleaned, retoned, Rau-Heritage 4/18 as PCGS63BN, Heritage 8/18 ANA, Heritage 1/19 - PCGS64BN

Aluminum J1364/P1509 with only 2 confirmed.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.