Click to enlargeJ1395/P1538

William Barber's sailors head design. It was also used on half eagle and eagle patterns of 1875, dollar patterns of 1876 and in 1877 on dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar patterns.

Examples were also struck as follows:

Silver J1392/P1535 with over a dozen known.

Copper J1393/P1536 with about a dozen known.

Aluminum J1394/P1537 with about a half dozen known including:

1) Mitchelson-CSL

2) Siegel 11/84, B/M 9/94 - PCGS66

3) Lohr, I&L Goldberg 6/00, Heritage 4/18 - PCGS63 with oxidation

4) Heritage 8/11 - PCGS64

5) Heritage 4/12, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 - PCGS66, same as #2?

6) ANR 8/04, B/M 1/05, Simpson collection - PCGS66, with oxidation on reverse rim near C in America, same as #2?

One of the last 3 probably accounts for the B/R 9/75 example. All 3 of the pieces listed as PCGS66 look different in the available images.

Nickel J1395/P1538 with at least 4 known as follows:

1) Mitchelson-CSL

2) B/R 9/75, Heritage 8/98 ANA, Heritage 1/15 FUN - PCGS64 with scratch on face and neck, letters in Liberty weakly struck and bottom lines of Shield weak as well.

3) Heritage 10/01 as PCGS64, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 - PCGS66, with full Liberty and Shield lines and corrosion spot at top of E in States and a scratch through right shield and leaves - illustrated above and on NGC and PCGS's website.

4) Woodin, Newcomer, Boyd, Olsen, Farouk, Johnson-Hughes 1/79?, B/M 5/95, Heritage 1/97 FUN, B/M 8/98, ANR 3/05, B/M 7/05, Denali-Heritage 1/13 FUN, Heritage 4/13 - PCGS65

The Crouch-Superior 6/77 may be a fifth.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.